About TRS

Combining the intimate house show with the idea of a live studio session recorded for online use, the Tin Roof Sessions, in reality, started when New Paltz resident Taylor Davis discovered that the garage aside his house could offer more than storage for his lawnmower. After months of labor, the old stone structure was transformed in to cozy little vaulted-ceiling room, complete with a small cast-iron stove and murals on the wall. It was here that the Tin Roof Sessions came into being. Taylor, who’s musical efforts include the bands Yard Sale and The Liberty Rebellion, and his friend Nate Krenkel (from the record label Team Love) devised a few ground rules: shows would happen on Sunday afternoons; shows would always include 2 acts; food and drink before the show; and finally, each show would be recorded both as audio (thanks to the brilliant David Chapman) and video (thanks to the astute camera-work of Mustafa Bhagat) and the end results would be made available to the public for free as a means to help promote the musicians’ work and enlighten music fans.

The Tin Roof accepts submissions from any and all and can be attended by anyone at a suggested donation of $10 per person (Food/Drink included).

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